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DAKSA - EVA - Electronic Virtual Account

Our financial core & virtual account for your banking and financial business solution.


DAKSA - SANDRA - Switching and Routing Agent

Our switching core with scalable architecture to enhance new business requirements.


DAKSA - CRISA - Customer Relationship Management

Our management software to help your company connect to your customers.


DAKSA - GEOLISA - Geo-Location Based Integrated System and Mobile Application

Our integrated system and mobile application for geo-location based businesses.


DAKSA - TOR - Task and Project Management

Our management software to maintain team’s performance to achieve their goals.


Electronic Virtual Account

DAKSA - EVA - Electronic Virtual Account

Electronic Virtual Account (EVA) is our financial core & virtual account for your banking and financial business solution. Designed to fulfill any kind of financial business, fully parameterized and scalable.

EVA has several main features:

  • Multiple group virtual account, one centralized EVA system can handle multiple group and multiple purpose of account creation, minimize the hardware investment.
  • Account type configuration.
  • Allowed transaction type configuration (Credit only, Debit only, Credit-Debit).
  • Transaction limit (Credit and Debit Limit) per month per custom type of account.
  • Minimum and Maximum Balance Limit.

EVA enables your institution or organization to provide fast, acurate, and automatic payment solution for multi-sectoral clients. Such as:

  • DAKSA - EVA Implementation - Retail BusinessRetail Business
  • DAKSA - EVA Implementation - Utility CompaniesUtility Companies
  • DAKSA - EVA Implementation - Trading CopmaniesTrading Companies
  • DAKSA - EVA Implementation - Academic InstitutionAcademic Institutions
  • DAKSA - EVA Implementation - Religious Activities and InstitutionsReligious Activities & Institutions
  • DAKSA - EVA Implementation - Telecommunication IndustriesTelecommunication Industries
  • And many more...

Multi purpose virtual account technology, designed to be fully customizable and parameterize to ensure you could provide virtual account solution for specific individual clients request and needs.


EVA’s scalability and flexibility has been proven as its excellencies.

  • DAKSA - EVA Feature - Scalable

    EVA was designed to be scalable. It can adapt with the growth of the number of customers.

  • DAKSA - EVA Feature - FLexible

    EVA can be easily integrated with other systems in accordance with the requirement of the clients.

Clients & Projects

Bank QNB Indonesia uses EVA as the based of their virtual account product: QVA (QNB Virtual Account), which has been used for more than five years, now.

Served hundred of companies as their regular basis tool to make a payroll.

DAKSA - EVA - Electronic Virtual Account

Their mobile application, DooEt, also uses EVA as its main source of fund for any kind of transaction within this app, such as purchase at an authorized merchant, transfer, bill payment, ticketing, etc..


Switching & Routing Agent

DAKSA - SANDRA - Switching and Routing Agent

Switching and Routing Agent (SANDRA) is our switching core, scalable architecture of SANDRA makes developer can simply build logical host to enhance new business requirement or any connection to host from third party developer.

SANDRA can handle any type of incoming and outgoing protocol and message format.

SANDRA plays a role of a central middleware platform for your financial payment processing solutions which enables your institution to create financial service solution for end user using the best available components from each solution provider without having to worry about the integration and incompatibility problem.

As a central middleware, SANDRA secures and logs all of the transaction using industry- standard security and comprehensive logging mechanism, giving you full control of security and necessary data for transaction tracing and fraud detection.


EVA’s scalability and flexibility has been proven as its excellencies.

  • DAKSA - SANDRA Excellencies - Business-Driven Routing Agent
    Business-Driven Routing Agent

    SANDRA’s routing engine is designed to have business as a primary concern. Business transaction could be routed using a combination of defined business rules, for example, selecting host provider for mobile cellular top up based on the best rate for a particular product, selecting the host based on the available deposit balance, and other example.

  • DAKSA - SANDRA Excellencies - Powerful Transaction Processing
    Powerful Transaction Processing

    With ability to handle more than 200 transaction per second, SANDRA is a heavyweight switching and routing engine. This means you could use SANDRA to serve many clients at once, thus improving your return on investment rate on servers and data center investment.

    SANDRA also could cope with business demand to increase the transaction processing by adding more server in a clustered environment. Based on Java EE server platform capability, SANDRA clustering technology offers the horizontal flexibility for capacity planning, which means you could invest as you grow.

  • DAKSA - SANDRA Excellencies - Modular Design and Multi-Format Capabilities
    Modular Design & Multi-format Capabilities

    With modular design and multi-format capabilities, it is very easy for you to add support in SANDRA based on business needs. For example, if you want to create a SWIFT processor, it is as simple as deploying SWIFT processor in SANDRA which does not change or interfere with SANDRA Core or previously deployed module.

  • DAKSA - SANDRA Excellencies - Industry-Standard Security
    Industry-Standard Security

    Security is heavily emphasized when we design SANDRA. Latest industry-standard method and hardware are used to ensure that no clients or end-user trust will be compromized.

Clients & Projects

SANDRA is used by more than 10 banks in Indonesia and have established many host-to-host connection with may leading service company.

DAKSA - SANDRA Clients - Bank JogjaDAKSA - SANDRA Clients - Bank QNB IndonesiaDAKSA - SANDRA Clients - BPR IndraDAKSA - SANDRA Clients - BPR Gunung SlametDAKSA - SANDRA Clients - BPR InsaniDAKSA - SANDRA Clients - BPR BDE

Millions of transaction have been served by SANDRA in last three years.


Customer Relationship Management

DAKSA - CRISA - Customer Relationship Management

Customer is one of the biggest asset for all of us. Business competitiveness enforce you to understand your customer needs. And, Customer Relationship Management (CRISA) is our management software to help you and your company manage your customer.


  • DAKSA - CRISA Benefits - Connect To Your Customers
    Connect To Your Customers

    CRISA help your company connect to your customers. Both your company and your customers can get the needed information mutually. You can get your customers behaviour through CRISA, also your customers can get all information about your company such as: list of your merchant, list of your promo, hot news and how to contact your company.

  • DAKSA - CRISA Benefits - Loyalty Program
    Loyalty Program

    Loyalty program can increase your customers transaction. Customers will get some points when they make a transaction. Point can be redeemed as a gift item or voucher. It will trigger the increase of transactions.

  • DAKSA - CRISA Benefits - Online Marketing
    Online Marketing

    Marketing is another important thing for business. Even if you were have good product, it will be useless if no one knows it. CRISA helps you to promote it.

  • DAKSA - CRISA Benefits - Understanding Your Customers
    Understanding Your Customers

    CRISA can help your company to understand your customers behaviour. We track all of your customer transactions based on event that you created. So, it can help you to analyze which event is profitable for your company and which is not.

  • DAKSA - CRISA Benefits - Digital Transaction Support
    Digital Transaction Support

    Integration with EVA or any other electronic payment system will make CRISA more robust.

Clients & Projects

Currently, there are 13 clients who already join with us and get the benefits of CRISA. And this number of clients will keep growing and growing.

DAKSA - CRISA Clients - IMI (Ikatan Motor Indonesia)DAKSA - CRISA Clients - Hartono MallDAKSA - CRISA Clients- Galuh MasDAKSA - CRISA Clients - PSM MakassarDAKSA - CRISA Clients - ADA SwalayanDAKSA - CRISA Clients - Big MallDAKSA - CRISA Clients - Centre Point MedanDAKSA - CRISA Clients - Duta MallDAKSA - CRISA Clients - Jakarta Fruit MarketDAKSA - CRISA Clients - KeslesDAKSA - CRISA Clients - Megapolitan MallDAKSA - CRISA Clients - Mal Ratu IndahDAKSA - CRISA Clients - Mal SKA

For more information regarding CRISA, please visit CRISA’s dedicated page.


Geo-Location Based Integrated System & Mobile Application

DAKSA - GEOLISA - Geo-Location Based Integrated System and Mobile Application

GEOLISA is our end-to-end solution for any kind of businesses that heavily rely on geo-location and/or real-time position, such as public transportation, local expedition, courier, logistic services, food delivery services, etc. to make sure every single order was underserved right on time, so it would boost up the customers satisfaction.

GEOLISA provides you with a one-stop-solution system that comes up as a bundle of:

  • Dashboard monitoring web.
  • Staff mobile app.
  • Customers mobile app (cross-platform).
DAKSA - GEOLISA - Geo-Location Based Integrated System and Mobile Application
  • DAKSA - GEOLISA Excellencies - Map-Based Dashboard
    Map-Based Dashboard

    Every unit location and movement is monitored through map-based dashboard in real-time.

  • DAKSA - GEOLISA Excellencies - Information Broadcast
    Information Broadcast

    Share information to all unit and on-site report from unit to back-officer, on-site report can also re-broadcasted to every unit.

  • DAKSA - GEOLISA Excellencies - Unit Search and Out-of-Range Unit
    Unit Search & Out-of-Range Unit

    Out of range unit and unit route is recorded for audit purpose.


  • DAKSA - GEOLISA Benefits
    For Company
    • Reduce the cost of licensing and radio usage.
    • Real-time order monitoring.
    • Unit, driver, and pool management in real-time.
    • Open new branches with ease and low investment.
  • DAKSA - GEOLISA Benefits
    For Employee
    • Easily and effectively get the order and its informations.
    • Always get the nearest order location.
    • Track their own performance.
  • DAKSA - GEOLISA Benefits
    For Customers
    • Always served with quick response.
    • Easy to make a payment, either using cash, electronic payment, or even voucher.

Clients & Projects

Bosowa Taksi put their trust on us to handle their taxi ordering system.

DAKSA - GEOLISA - Geo-Location Based Integrated System and Mobile Application

And it has been operating since 2017 with covarage area within Makassar and Kendari.


Task & Project Management

DAKSA - TOR - Task and Project Management

Human resources is the most important in a company in carrying out the functions and duties of the job. To run smoothly and orderly work given to middle or bottom level employees should be monitored by top level management.


Human resources take place as one of the most important parts in a company in car- rying out the function and duties of the job. Middle to lower level employees should be monitored by top level management, so the work that has been given to them will run properly. Therefore, the company should have a system that can be accessed together with different access level.

  • DAKSA - TOR Overview - Employee Management
    Employee Management

    Also could help to manage, track, or even make a review of every employees based on their progress they have made.

  • DAKSA - TOR Overview - Performance Decision
    Performance Decision

    Designed to has an ability to quantify employee’s contributions to the company, so it could help to make a fair decision in cases like bonuses, performance incentive distribution, etc..


  • DAKSA - TOR Feature - Workspace

    This feature provide creating, updating, and deleting tasks for employees with many different statuses. There are five available statuses, new, in progress, completed, rejected, reviewed.

  • DAKSA - TOR Feature - Self Project
    Self Project

    Self Project Summary is provided to display a summary of all projects for each employee. The summary consists of time spent that can be filtered by time range.

  • DAKSA - TOR Feature - Task

    This feature display all tasks in all projects for every employees, so the top level management can see them in a more.

  • DAKSA - TOR Feature - Timesheet

    Timesheet is a feature to download report for one person and every employee’s report.

TOR system can also be used in educational environment, such as managing tasks for every student in a workgroup, so the teacher will be able to see the student’s managerial ability and the effort.

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